Retractable Webbing Posts

Retractable Webbing Posts

We offer the widest possible assortment in retractable webbing posts   .

Soryks offers webbing posts in various designs:

Materials from which posts are made:

◦ stainless steel polished
◦ stainless steel brushed
◦ stainless steel gold colour
◦ stainless steel powder coated
◦ chromed steel
◦ powder coated steel
◦ plastic

Basis type:

◦ base with stainless steel cover and cast iron sinker
◦ base with stainless steel cover and plastic filled with concrete base
◦ recycling base
◦ cast iron coated with roller base

Belt types:

◦ one colour
◦ black-yellow or red-white stripes
◦ printed by individual client expextations

Belt lengh:

◦ 2,3m
◦ 3 m
◦ 10 m
◦ 20 m
◦ 36 m

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