About us

We operate since 1981. Our priority is to deliver to our customers choices at the best coverage quality to price. We are making it succesfully because we are the only company in Europe which combine production and import in this sector. Thanks to this after the cost analysis we ofer our clients products which are produced by us, products imported from various suppliers and even composed of components from various suppliers – thats why the final product has good quality and good price and is customized to individual expectations of our customer.

Every product is checked before it goes to the customer. If necessary amended or altered for adapting to our clients expectation.

We offer 4 group of goods:

In every of this 4 groups Soryks success is available thanks to experience and crew competence. In our sales department You can count on competent advice which goods will be best to solve Your problem.

In Soryks offer special position take line posts with rope and retractable webbing. Thanks to 20 years of production and distribution we’ve gained experience thats why we are the biggest Polish provider selling several thousands of posts in Poland and various countries in Europe.

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